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Vocational education

In 2004, at the Latvian Society of Translogical Psychotherapy (Hypnology) under the guidance of psychotherapist J. Zālīš, the certification commission proved knowledge and skills in transological psychotherapy, KG Jung's analytical psychology, sexology and was given the right to practice Hypnotherapy (transological psychotherapy).


In 2004, at the Latvian Society of Transological Psychotherapy (Hypnology) under the guidance of psychotherapist J. Zālīš, the program "Fundamentals of Neurolinguistic Programming. Milton Erikson's Hypnotic Communication. Psychological Foundations of Counselling'.


In 2005, at the Russian (St. Petersburg) UNESCO World Non-Traditional Medicine Association, Psychology and Human Abilities Development Section, training in medical psychology was completed and the qualification "Psychologist - Hypnotherapist" was awarded, under the guidance of Academician VMKandiba.


In 2009, in the Russian Federation, the Graduate School of Psychology (institute) obtained the qualification "System phenomenological approach and systemic settings".


In 2010, he completed a basic course in body therapy at the Association of Body-Oriented Therapists of Latvia.


In 2011, the qualification "Systemic work in organizations and organizational settings" was obtained at the University of Psychology (Institute) in the Russian Federation.


In 2011, the British "UK Academy of therapeutic arts and sciences" qualified as a self-hypnosis instructor.


In 2011, in the training program of the Baltic Systemic Solutions Association and the Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands, the course "Organizational Arrangements and Systemic Coaching" was learned.


In 2013, at the training course of the German Psychological Trauma Institute and EMDR European and EMDR International Association, under the guidance of O. Šubes, she learned "Psychological trauma therapy with the EMDR method", EMDR - psychological trauma processing and desensitization with eye movements.

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