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Participation in conferences

Participation and presentation. Identity and an identity crisis:  The identity crisis of first-year female students at Latvian Universities and their sociodemographic indicators. The international Scientific Conference, Society, Integration, Education. Latvia, Rezekne, May 27th – 28th, 2016.

The 12th European Congress of Psychology, Istanbul,


The 7th Annual International Conference on Psychology, Athens, Greece,.


EAPA, The 12th European Conference on Psychological Assessment. Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain.


17th International Transpersonal Conference: Consciousness Revolution: Transpersonal Discoveries That are Changing the World.


1st International Conference on Hypnopsychotherapy. "Aspects of hypnopsychotherapy in Europe"


15 of continuing professional development at the  3rd Annual Hypno-psychotherapy conference.


Zweiten Internationalen Eurasischen Kongress fuer Systemaufstellungen in Russland "Zeit der Wandlungen"


"Professionalism of a psychotherapist. Identity. Development. Crisis.", LPB conference


"A competitive pedagogue - the impossible is possible", Ministry of Education and Culture and the EU Foundation


2. United Latvian Congress of Psychologists, DU


"Promoting the competitiveness of teachers in conditions of optimization of the education system", LZM and ESF conference


"Competitive Education: Understanding, Creativity, Participation", Ministry of Education


"Almost Ideal School", AIP


6th conference of the Association of Clinical Psychologists of Latvia.

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