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In training on classical hypnotherapy and the author's method of Kandiba,  together with 

В. Кандыба (V. Kandiba)

(He is the Guru of Classical Hypnosis)

As of the program  "Here and Now"

LTV1, host  and my guest is 

Ieva Priedniece, Mg.psych., psychotherapist

In organizational settings and systems-phenomenological coaching training, together with

Jan Jakob Stam

 EMDR - psychological trauma processing methods in training, together with 

Oliver Schubbe

In Erikson's Hypnosis Training, with 

Jean Beccio, Dr.Med.

Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Conference, Москва (РФ), 2011, with Stanislav Grof, MD

Conference, Istanbul (Turkey), 2011,

In teaching systems-phenomenological settings, learning at 

Marianne Franke-Gricksch

At the Hypnopsychotherapy Conference, Leicester (UK), 2011, together with

Shaun Brookhouse and Fiona Biddle

In the TV show  "Friday is finally here!


Together with LNT - TV show "Katrina's help formula" team

In training on Sysemphenomenological work with symptoms, together with

Stephan Hausner

(He is the Guru of Symptom Settings)

On receipt of ECHP certificate (London, UK), along withShaun Brookhouse

TV channel TV360, guest of the Show "Hobbies", conversation about pilgrimages.

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