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Professional education



В 2004 году, в Латвийском совечительный Трансологической психотерапии (гипнологии), under the guidance of psychotherapist Я. Zalitisa, certifikatsionnoi komisii proven knowledge and skills in transological psychotherapy, in K. G. Jung's analytical psychology and sexology were given the right to apply Hypnotherapy (transological psychotherapy) in practice.


Neurolinguistic programming


Transological psychotherapy in Latvian society

(hypnotists), under the leadership of psychotherapist Я. Залитиса, овоена программа «Основа невролингвистического программирования. Hypnotic communication by Milton Erikson. Psychological basis of consultation».


Psychologist- hypnotherapist


In 2005, in the Russian (Saint-Petersburg) UNESCO International Medical Association, in the section of Psychology and Development of Human Potentials, the training in medical psychology was completed and the qualification "Psychologist-hypnotherapist" was awarded under the guidance of academician V.M. Kandiby.


Systematic-phenomenological arrangements


In 2009, in the Russian Federation, the Higher School of Psychology (Institute) received the qualification «Systemic-phenomenological approach and system layouts».


Body-oriented psychotherapy


In 2010, the Latvian Association of Body-Oriented Psychotherapists developed a basic course in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy.


Sistemno-phenomenological placements in organizations


In 2011, in the Russian Federation, in the Psychological Institute, the qualification «System work in organizations and organization of organizations» was obtained.


Self-hypnosis instructor


In 2011, in Great Britain, the "UK Academy of therapeutic arts and sciences" received the qualification of an instructor of self-hypnosis.


System coaching


In 2011, the course "Organizational placements and system coaching" was developed in the Baltic Association of System Solutions and in the Netherlands Institute of Bert Hellinger training programs.


Therapy of psychological injuries by methodEMDR


In 2013, at the German Institute of Psychological Trauma and EMDR European and EMDR International Association training course,   under the direction of О. Шубе овоен «Терапия психожикольных травмы метод EMDR», EMDR – переработка переработка писхожикольных травми и десенсибилизация  движимани глаз.


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