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  Hypnopsychotherapy is the oldest method of psychotherapy, whose relevance and effectiveness are significant and indispensable even today. The founders of Hypnopsychotherapy (who begin to name and describe this method) and contributors Ф. Mesmer, Paracelsus, З. Фрейд, А. Вайценхофер, Е. Hilgard, И. Pavlov, V. Бегтерьев, К.Г.Юнг, М. Erickson, V. Kandiba, Ж. Bekio and others In the development of hypnopsychotherapy in Latvia, a significant contribution was made by the doctor of medical sciences, doctor Yanis Zalitis.

  In hypnopsychotherapy, an intervention made in hypnotic trance, activating subconscious processes, proposed changes in consciousness, using the self-resources of the person. In hypnopsychotherapy, such psychological phenomena as dissociation, association, sublimation, analysis of images and symbols, metaphors, suggestions, and regression are used.

  Human development from the moment of conception, history of problems, their causes, development and result at the current moment, which manifests itself as a concrete problem, is written in the unconscious part of the psyche. Unconscious processes (themselves) know an adequate solution to the problems of transformations and overcoming, hypnopsychotherapy only needs to help the client to free these processes of self-determination.

  Unlike many other types of psychotherapy, hypnopsychotherapy is considered a short-term form of psychotherapy, in which the desired changes should be visible after several sessions. Hypnopsychotherapy process can occur in an unconscious individual intrapersonal plan, as well as on an analytical level. Hypnopsychotherapy is used individually, in groups or in pairs.

(After generalization of literature prepared by: А. Домбровскис, Е. Скроделис, И. Savitska, А. Tula-Рийкуре, Д. Ролава. Цитировано

Hypnopsychotherapy is conventionally divided into: classic hypnopsychotherapy and Erikson's hypnopsychotherapy.



  Гипносистемфеноменология образунанный метод психотерапии, где между собой интегретны дво метод пишотерапии: системфеноменология семи и гипнопсихотерапия. This method is used in individual work with clients, because they do not need very large human resources, which are necessary in the establishment of family systems. During the hypnopsychotherapeutic trance, it is possible to "use" the same resources that are used in system placements, but it is necessary to realize that the reverse connection is slightly weaker than in system placements.



  Gurnhard Weber and Bert Gelinger are considered the founders and developers of system phenomena. Gelinger integrated the knowledge of a psychoanalyst and a priest and the experience gained in missionary activity in Africa as the basis of the method. The main principle of the method is to work with "field energy", or the flow of energy of love, whose normal flow is disturbed due to the peculiarities of human perception, sometimes deformed. Sometimes it's because of a ruling or acquired "pattern", or the presence of templates. And also the causes of problems can be sought in several previous generations, for example, if in history there is some renegade or an unrecognized person in the family, or those who died in the war. It is possible to distinguish several subgroups of the system-phenomenological approach:


  Семейная системфеномелогия– the work is mainly focused on relationships in the family, in the family. Relations between generations, updating the system order.


 Symptomatic system phenomenon– work with health problems (called a symptom), for which the cause of conflict in relationships or variable generational conflict.


  Sistemphenomelogiya organizations– work with the organization system and the person's personal system. In this work, the problems that arise in connection with these two conflicts are solved. Where a worker enters the organization with his own "patterns", representations, "introduces" them to the organization, which already has its own laws, "patterns", as a result of which mutual conflicts may arise.


  System-phenomenological coaching– sistemny podhod в работь Kocha, where the problems of the worker and the organization are analyzed together, in the context of the big system.



  The founder of the method is Fransine Shapiro. This method of psychotherapy in translation means «decreasing sensitivity and repeated mental processing that affects the stimulation of the movement of the eyeball» (citation «Psychotherapy of trauma with EMDR»). This method is widely used in the processing of psychological traumas and in the renewal of psychological functionality.

Body-oriented psychotherapy


  Founder of psychotherapeutic method Вильгельм Райх. The main principles of the psychotherapeutic method are very different from other main principles of psychotherapy. At the beginning, in psychotherapy, bodies work with the client's body, activating individual body structures or segments, leading to psychological experiences or psychological traumas, which at the time of occurrence left "traces" in the physical body, and if they are processed, then they can be preserved throughout life and sometimes arise even physical diseases.

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