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  Hypno-psychotherapy, together with transpersonal psychotherapy, have been close to each other for thousands of years and are close to humanity in all its life cycles. They are considered one of the oldest methods of psychotherapy.

  These methods of psychotherapy, as well as other methods of psychotherapy, help the psyche of the person, the person himself finds resources, ways and opportunities! After all, every person, like a flower, gathers strength with its roots from the soil, a volcano stores its strength in the bowels of the earth, gathers power in its unexplored bowels of the psyche, in the roots of its kind, so that in some moment it can bloom like a luxurious flower or ignite beautifully_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ with fireworks, as a volcano does, or to have the opportunity to say about my life: «Я частлив».


The sun is for everyone, it's for everyone, and for me and for you, but it doesn't belong to anyone!


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