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Academic education

Biolog (Bac.)


In 1997, at the University of Latvia, he received a bachelor's degree in biology and developed a qualifying work investigating the psychophysiological differences between "ordinary schoolchildren" and "difficult-educated" students: "Psychophysiological characteristics of difficult-to-educate students".


Учитель биологии и химии


In 1997, at the University of Latvia, he received the qualification of a teacher of biology and chemistry, researching the pedagogy of "difficult-educated" teenagers at school, the work was developed: "Pedagogical approach to trudno-educated teenagers in the conditions of a boarding school".


Social teacher  (Mg.)


In 1999, at the University of Latvia, he received a master's degree in Pedagogy, in the subprogramme of social pedagogy, and researched the needs, how they affect between teachers and pupils, in a specific environment - in a children's home, and developed a master's thesis: "The relationship between the needs of educators and children in a children's home" .




In 2001, at the University of Latvia, while working as a director of a children's home, she received the qualification of an Economist in accounting, received the diploma of an Economist, integrating  knowledge of accounting, economics,  accounting and jurisprudence, written qualifying work: «Organization of accounting work».




In 2006, at the Riga Higher School of Management and Education, he received a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Исследуя связи достижение в медитации и суггестии и мотивации достижений, developed and defended bachelor's work: «Влияние медитации и суггестии на мотивации достижений у достижений у достижений».




In 2009, at the Даугавпилском университет, he received a master's degree in Psychology. The strategy of overcoming stressful situations in young people who spend most of their time in different environments was studied during the development of the master's thesis. As a result, the master's thesis was defended: "Special features of coping strategies for young people in the environment of children's homes, schools - boarding school and families».




In 2014, at Daugavpils University, he received a Doctor of Psychology degree. I developed a doctor's thesis, researched female psychology, gender identity, feminist identity, identity and the formation of identity, as well as the relationship that exists between these phenomena. As a result, the promotion work was developed and defended: «Predicted factors of the feminist dimension of the identity of Latvian women».


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