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Together with


V. Kandiba ( В. Ландыба)

Together with

Jan Jakob Stam

Together with

Jean Beccio, Dr.Med.

Together with

Marianne Franke-Gricksch

Together with

Stephan Hausner

I got the ECHP certificate, together withShaun Brookhouse

Moscow (Москве (РФ)), 2011,together withStanislav Grof, MD

 Leicester (UK), 2011, together withShaun Brookhouse & Fiona Biddle

Together with LNT - TV SHOW's "The Kathrin's formula for help" team

In TV show  "The friday is coming"


Congress in Istanbul (Turkey), 2011,

Together with

Oliver Schubbe

I'm a moderator in TV show  " There and now!

LTV1"  my guestIeva Priedniece, Mg.psych., psychotherapist

At TV chanel TV360, Tv Show Hobby, I'm guest.

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