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Academic Education

In 1997, I received a bachelor's degree in biology from the University of Latvia. My bachelor's thesis focused on psycho-physiological differences between "ordinary students" and "difficult students" – "A Psycho-physiological Characterization of Difficult Students."



Also in 1997, I received qualifications as a teacher of biology and chemistry. I studied aspects of pedagogical work with "difficult students" at the high school level and wrote the paper "A Pedagogic Approach to Difficult Teenagers at Boarding Schools."



In 1999, I earned my master's degree in pedagogy from the University of Latvia, specializing in social pedagogy and looking at interactive needs between teachers and students in the specific environment that is an orphanage. My master's thesis was titled "Links Between the Needs of Teachers and Students at Orphanages."



In 2001, while working as the director of an orphanage, I gained qualifications as an economic bookkeeper from the University of Latvia. I received a diploma as an economist and integrated aspects of bookkeeping, economics, administration and law to write the thesis "Organizing Bookkeeping Work."



In 2006, I received a bachelor's degree in psychology from the Riga University College of Pedagogy and Educational Administration. I studied meditation, suggestion and achievement motivations among teenagers, defending the bachelor's thesis "The Influence of Meditation and Suggestion on the Motivation of Teenager Achievements."



In 2009, I earned my master's degree in psychology from the Daugavpils University. My thesis was focused on strategies that young people who spend most of their time in different environments can use to overcome stress situations. The title of the thesis was "Specifics of Coping Strategies for Young People at Orphanages, Boarding Schools and in Family Environments."



In 2014, I received my doctorate in psychology from the Daugavpils University. My dissertation was focused on female psychology, gender identity, feminist identity, identity and its emergence, as well as links among these phenomena. The dissertation was titled "Factors to Predict the Dimension of Feminist Identity among Latvia's Women."

B.Sc. psych.,  Mg.psych., Dr.psych. Conformity assessment with the UK system

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